Great Tips For Creating Ebooks

An ebook is an electronic book, typically existing in the form of a PDF on your computer. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and was originally created by Adobe. Since then it has become the industry standard when it comes to distributing documents over the web. This leaves many people wondering how they too can go about creating and distributing their own ebooks.
First you will want a title page. You can make this as simple as complex as you want - some only have the title on a plain white screen, others may have a picture to accompany the title, or a title with a fancy font or colors. If you have a large or lengthy ebook, you'll want to add a table of contents just as you would with any normal book. You can link the titles of each chapter here to the actual chapter in the book, so your readers can simply click on any chapter they wish to view at the time.

Finally, make sure to use a format that caters to all of your readers. Avoid bright colors, and colors that are too dark as well. You should also try to avoid using too many different fonts in your ebook - stick with one for the text and another for headlines, and possibly a third for sub-headlines if needed. The less your audience has to strain their eyes to read the ebook, the more likely they are to come back for more.

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